Google promises to invest $ 1 billion in alleviating the housing crisis in the Gulf regions

In 2014, The Verge reported on how Google effectively created its own island in Silicon Valley, which is akin to the city of the company, which exacerbates the housing and traffic crisis that currently characterizes most of the San Francisco Bay Area — the place with the highest cost of housing per nation.

Now Google CEO Sundar Pichay announces that the company is obliged to repair its broken yard: an investment of $ 1 billion over the next 10 years to build about 20,000 housing units.

According to the official Google blog post, the new commitment includes:

    $ 750 million of the company’s existing office space, which Google will convert to approximately 15,000 units
    $ 250 million in “incentives” for other developers to build 5,000 affordable housing units
    $ 50 million to non-profit organizations that help homeless people find shelter

That sounds good! But let me bring you to reality with a few more points:

    We already expected that Google will free up to 9,850 units in the backyard in Mountain View, and Google will offer to build about 5,700 units. (The company also rents out most of the property.) Google tells The Verge that the plan has not yet been approved by the city, but everything that it builds in Mountain View is included in this amount.
    This is an investment, not a charity. Google says it leases this land to developers who will lease and sell objects – you know, for money – and will not limit what they do to it. This, however, does not mean a clear preference to place Google employees, and in cities it will take a certain percentage in order to be affordable housing. Google offered 20 percent of affordable housing in Mountain View.
    We are not talking about single-family homes. Google simply does not have enough office space for 15,000 traditional houses, so it will have to be built upstairs. Expect apartments and flats in high-rise units.
    We do not know where they will be. Optimally, Google can help overcome traffic problems in the Gulf area by building housing near its large campuses, and this is likely, but Google says they can be anywhere in the Gulf area where there is office space. Details are in the air today.
    Google itself will not build 5,000 units of affordable housing. $ 250 million will help property developers provide land and permits for affordable housing, encouraging property developers to build.
    This is a 10-year commitment, while Google continues to grow. In addition to its holdings in Mountain View, San Francisco and, as a rule, in 24 of the 50 US states, the company plans to create a new giant campus in San Jose.

If you want to get a better idea of ​​what kind of relationship Google may have with the Bay Area, take a look at the North Bayshore transformation company (this is the part of Mountain View that Google basically takes) with housing, 77 million dollars For transportation, as well as parks, schools and more. There are also frequently asked questions about North Bayshore that you may want to read – they explain why Google offers 5,700 units, not 9,850.

But you might also think about how Google tried to use housing as a bargaining fee to get more office space in the Bay Area, and about the damage that large companies, such as Google, can do if they abandon a large infrastructure project. early.

Everything you need to know from the main Apple WWDC report

This year, the main Apple report came from the San Jose Convention Center, where he could share new updates on existing technologies and products at his annual Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC.

“We have moved all our software platforms forward,” said Tim Cook, Apple CEO, before announcing that all platforms are available in beta versions today.

Here is what you need to know.

MacOS Catalina

Music and Apple Podcasts have been upgraded for Mac, and now Apple TV is also available on your Mac. The Apple TV app allows you to stream your favorite shows and movies, and soon Apple TV + will also be available for users to stream new, original content, for example, “For all of humanity.” Apple TV will allow viewers to pause viewing on one device and continue continuous viewing on any other connected Apple device.

IPad apps will soon be available on Mac. You can easily drag and drop a wide range of content from various applications related to travel, games and even banking transactions between two devices.

Another useful feature that was introduced as part of the new operating system is the Sidecar, which will allow you to use the iPad as a second display for your Mac.
New Mac Pro

New long-awaited Mac Pro is available for those who can afford an expensive price tag of $ 6000. It has an interesting tower (read: it looks like a giant grater for cheese) and a 32-inch LCD display with 1.5 terabytes of memory (that’s a lot).

Along with this new chrome tower there is a display that is equally impressive. This display, called the Pro Display XDR, has a brightness of 1000 nits and a resolution of 6K HDR. This is more of a display than you need, which means that many people are likely to buy it at a stunning price of $ 5,000.

What’s new in iOS 13?

The updated version of iOS will include a dark mode, as well as updates for photos, where you can make more edits and changes than ever before.

Maps now provide users with an “exciting 3D mode that allows you to rotate 360 ​​degrees and move smoothly through the streets.”

Siri has an updated voice that uses “advanced neural text-to-speech technology” that was designed to make Siri’s voice more natural. Virtual Assistant will also be able to read new messages for you, so you do not have to put what you are doing on hold in order to grab your phone and read texts.

Now you can connect two sets of AirPods to one iPhone, so you don’t have to worry about sharing one pair of headphones.

The Messages application will have an updated keyboard that will allow you to type by swiping between letters, and tons of new Animoji settings will appear that will be automatically available on your keyboard.

The CarPlay toolbar has also been simplified for less distracted driving.

Apple also claims that applications will be available for download at higher speeds and smaller sizes in order to optimize the space on your phone and save you time. Face ID has been updated to unlock the phone 30 percent faster.

iOS 13 is available on the iPod Touch 7th generation, iPhone SE and all versions of the iPhone from 6s Plus, which was released in 2015 and higher.

Introducing iPadOS

The upgraded iPads now have their own operating systems, designed to make multitasking faster and easier. Updated iPad will have a new home screen on which you can pin your favorite widgets, and provide greater visibility of the application.

This is probably an attempt to keep up with the popular two in one, such as Microsoft Surface Pro, Google ChromeOS tablets and Chromebooks. This is the first big step of the tablet to become something more than just an oversized iPhone.

New Apple Watch Stuff

Expect new apps for Apple Watch, including a calculator and voice notes, as well as an app store. The clock will also have a new function that can track the cycles of the period, as well as the level of noise around you and notify you when the levels are loud enough to cause hearing damage.

A small update of the pencil

New versions of the Apple Pencil have a smaller delay than its predecessor, so you feel that you are writing on paper, and not on the iPad. The tool palette has also been redesigned to create a more realistic markup experience.
Some need privacy

Apple also introduced a variety of privacy tools designed to be different from Google and Facebook, which are usually a bit more unattractive to user privacy. This includes the “Sign in through Apple” button (which promises not to share data with third-party application developers), a new feature that

Watch this impressive parody dynamic in Boston

This video is about how a robot beats people, extremely satisfies
The Boston Dynamics Parody is very impressive … and perhaps a bit ominous.

So far you’ve probably watched a few (a dozen) videos from Boston Dynamics, a robotics company that does its best to develop bots that can do incredibly impressive things. Hell, you probably saw the viral videos of the firm featured on our page. Every few months, the creator from Massachusetts releases clips of his creations, folding boxes and releasing back flips, and the Internet responds accordingly.

These amazing demonstrations have long been ripe for parody, and now we finally got information about Boston Dynamics, which we deserve thanks to Corridor Digital, L.A. production studio, which specializes in visual effects.

In this video, a robot that looks like one of Boston Dynamics’s ATLAS walking bots beats testers, beats them with whips, balls and hockey sticks – all in the name of research.

But then, a turnaround – and a potential harbinger of future events: Fed up with insults, the bot fights back, kicks his tormentors where it hurts him the most, before threatening to open fire. This is clearly a parody, but it looks quite similar to the fact that many people were fooled – so much so that Corridor had to explain that when creating the video, neither the car nor the people actually suffered.

In the subsequent clip, “Corridor Crew” published a backstage video showing how they pretended to be revenge on the robot. The corridor dressed the crew member in the Xsens motion capture suit and rigged the CG robot model to the suit, so the bot you see on the screen moves exactly as the actor’s body moves, driven by the motion capture data.

This Nintendo watch is the only way to tell the time

There are some products from the past that, no matter how many cool updates there are, you will miss the original. Although we cannot return to the 1990s, we can show you amazing clocks that will remind you of what is happening in the present – with some help from the past!

The Game ’n’ Watch Nintendo Watch is an easy task for the player in your life. For $ 25.99, it fully works as a separate gift for someone (or even for you).

Unfortunately, you cannot play any games on this watch – except for the best game you can play in the morning: “If I leave now, how late are I late for work?” Buttons make the same official Game Boy sounds that you loved to hear though.

In addition, if you are not a fan of blue, you are lucky, because they also have it in gray with a 40% discount – now only $ 15.99.

If you or someone you know desperately need to wake up early in the morning, think about the Game Boy alarm clock that sounds in the fun melodies of Super Mario Land.

Apple’s iPhone 2019

Apple iPhone 2019 may be all about the camera

The iPhone 11’s leaks indicate a radically different square-shaped back camera inside a familiar design, and an expected release date is September 2019.

In addition to problems with the camera, Apple does not expect a massive design update for the iPhone 11. Instead, this 13-inch iOS phone is preparing to become another gradual update, just like last year’s iPhone XS was above the iPhone X.

What will change? The most credible rumors about the iPhone 11 indicate an array of three cameras on the back of the phone, which, of course, means better photo and video quality.

The third rear camera can also enhance Apple’s augmented reality vision, as CEO Tim Cook constantly talks about the power of AR on the iPhone and iPad. The deep-sea flight-time camera can do just that.

The iPhone 11 can also significantly increase battery life and use the reverse wireless charging feature advertised by Samsung and Huawei. Only the Apple version can support wireless charging of your friend’s iPhone or your Apple Watch.

Update: The launch date of the iPhone 11 may be a week or two later than usual, according to Verizon’s “leakage,” and the successor to the iPhone XS Max may have a bigger screen.

Ordinary suspects are also present here when it comes to iPhone 11 leaks: updating the specifications to make the phone faster than the already fast previous versions, and new colors to attract the attention of consumers who dare not switch to the newest iPhone.

This is good news, because Apple does not sell as many iPhones as previously predicted, so its next flagship should surprise everyone or fall in price in order to remain competitive.

New iPhone 11 release date, price, news and leaks

If this is in line with past trends, the next Apple phone will be released in the fall of 2019. Apple is likely to announce this along with the Apple Watch Series 5 at the September event. The general rule is that the newest phone will go on sale about two weeks after the release date. Pres-orders will begin on Friday after the announcement. The iPhone Upgrade Program is a popular and affordable way to make sure you have the latest phone every year.

iPhone 11 Price

We do not yet know the official price of the next iPhone, but it will probably be similar to the one we saw with the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Prices are likely to start at $ 999 and will grow for additional storage or for a large screen. We expect that the memory capacity will start with 64 GB with additional options for 256 GB and 512 GB. We do not expect Apple to offer 1 TB this year.

If Apple offers a low-cost iPhone this year (similar to the XR), then most likely it will start at $ 749 and become more expensive for additional storage.

Iphone 11 Features

As expected, the iPhone 11 will ship with iOS 13. It is expected that iOS 13 will be announced at WWDC 2019. Earlier rumors suggest that Apple will release two new iPhone models with 6.1-inch and 6.5-inch OLEDs displays. It is also rumored that it will be supplied with a triple camera system.

    The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple’s flagship model lineup in 2019 will be presented in three models, including 2 OLED and 1 LCD versions. High-quality “iPhone 11” (iPhone 11 Max?) Will be equipped with a triple rear-view camera. The successor to the iPhone XR with an LCD screen will be upgraded from a single rear lens to a dual camera system.

    The triple camera system is visualized in this render from last weekend, which should be based on prototypes of the iPhone 11. The current history of the magazine confirms this leak.

    The Wall Street Journal reports that the new camera features will be an essential part of the 2019 flagship iPhone. We colloquially call it “iPhone 11” for simplicity, but the final marketing names are not communicated and will not be known until they get close to September.

    However, at first glance, it seems that the 5.8-inch iPhone 11 will not receive a convincing change to the camera, as it will stick to a dual-camera system. The three-chamber module is designed for the largest and most expensive phone.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gourmet also reports that the new iPhones will have a triple-camera system.

    The third camera on high-end models will have an ultra wide angle lens for larger, more detailed photos. This will also expand the range of scaling. Apple is also working on the autocorrection feature so that people can return to a photo that might have been accidentally cut. The second camera on the new XR model will also have an increased zoom.

Finally, it is rumored that the iPhone 2019 will come with a similar feature in Samsung Powershare, where it can wirelessly charge the Apple Watch or AirPods.

    TF International Securities Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo) first predicted that Apple’s flagship iPhone in 2019 will work with bi-directional wireless charging, a few days before Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 line with Wireless PowerShare.

    Macotakara suggests that the AirPods wireless charging case may also be compatible with the wireless charging function on the iPhone 11. The idea is that the iPhone battery is large enough to share power with the Apple Watch and AirPods in the extreme case without using cables.

    In addition, Macotakara reports that the iPhone 11 will be equipped with a new charging cable, but it will not switch to USB-C for the charging port. Rather, the new report says that Apple can bundle a new 18-watt USB block that comes with the iPad Pro and is now sold separately using the Apple Lightning USB-C cable.

The camera system is a constant source of speculation, since it is one of the main features of the sale of the latest phone. In a recent report from Kuo, it is assumed that the front camera (selfie camera) will be between 7 and 12 megapixels.

    Enhancements to the front camera go beyond zooming from 7 to 12. The camera will also change from the existing 4-element lens to the 5-element lens. A new front-facing camera will be included in all three new iPhones of 2019, including the R XR 2 ’or whatever it is called.

We expect that the screen size will remain unchanged for the phones in 2019, but according to rumors, in 2020 it will change.

    According to Digitimes, Apple is laying the foundation in the supply chain to launch three new iPhones with OLED displays in 2020. The current lineup offers OLED screens on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, but the iPhone XR uses a lower resolution LCD panel to save money.